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Saeloun team speaks often in conferences, makes regular open source contributions, works fully remote and builds some cool things.

Who we are

Saeloun is a team of developers who work with small and large teams, helping them get to their milestones. We specialize primarily in Ruby on Rails and ReactJS.

We love open-source and love giving back to the community. Our team members happen to be top contributors to Ruby on Rails and many other projects.

We love conferences and regularly host, organize or speak at many of them. We are very prolific in blogging about our learnings and are featured on RubyWeekly and other publications.

Who you are

Employee Compensation and Benefits


We compensate our team members with salaries on the higher end of the salary of a Lead Software Developer in Bangalore, India. Salary is based on the location of a person or their expectation relative to the market they are located in.

Profits and Shares

At the end of our second year since inception(March 2019), 25% of all profits each year, will be shared with all team members, irrespective of when they have joined, and depending on what all the team members vote to do with the profits.

Employment Type

You can choose to be employed as a Consultant/Contractor with us or a full-time Employee. The decision depends on you and how it helps you with your taxes. We help all of our team members with tax filing, GST or other implications. Note that even though you might be a consultant- this is a full-time position.


We try our best to sponsor travel and accommodation to any conference (local and International) that someone from our team is speaking at which is related to our field of work. We sponsor tickets and travel arrangements to RubyConfIndia, DeccanRubyConf or any other conferences our team members are involved in.

Remote First Work

We have been used to remote work and travel for the last 6+ years.

  • This is a remote position and allows the flexibility of the work schedule.
  • At a minimum, we keep an overlap of 4 hours with wherever our client may be located.
  • Many of our team members reside around Pune, India, while others work from different parts of India, or work while traveling from outside of India.
  • We just need you to be in a location that has good internet connectivity.
  • We are happy to host you (accommodations and travel) for a month or whenever needed to hang out and work from our Pune Office.

How to apply

Send an email to with an attached PDF copy of your resume.

Please include a link to your GitHub profile, if relevant. It is not mandatory to have a GitHub profile.