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React.js is a front-end web development framework that has garnered a lot of popularity in recent years. It enables developers to create user interfaces and interactivity in the most streamlined manner. At Saeloun, our team is composed of highly experienced Javascript and NodeJS developers, so we are well-equipped to help you with your React.js development needs, no matter how complex they are.


Expertise in diverse industry projects

Over the last 3 years, we have catered to over 30 industries including healthcare, retail, HR, and financial services. Our talented developers utilize Javascript in most of their projects for maximum app versatility.

Customized Solution for every business requirement

Our consulting services are tailored specifically to your needs and involve creating robust and user-friendly apps, improving your existing applications, and migrating a legacy application to React.js. We have a great deal of experience with React.js and can help you make the most of this powerful technology.

We have extensively contributed to the React Community

We love speaking, supporting & sponsoring React conferences. Our CEO and founder Vipul has written a book on Building Modern Web Applications with React.js.

Our Process

Our world-class developers and testers maintain a highly customized approach when it comes to engineering applications. They are known to build long-term partnerships with our clients, and always stay focused on specific tasks at hand.

1. Discovery

Our robust method and development strategies have allowed us to procure clients from multiple geographies organically, over the years. We are known to employ the best practices and provide custom solutions to our clients that are at par with the current cutting-edge technologies.

2. Analysis

We plan and devise the best-in-class system architecture and technology stack by analyzing their software requirements and customer demand intensity. From IT consulting to comprehensive SDLC roadmaps, we deliver end-to-end application development services to match clients’ business needs.

3. Development

Our dedicated team of developers has deep domain expertise and is adept at building application models using the latest languages, technologies, and techniques. 70% of our team are full-stack developers who have a strategic vision in creating impactful digital solutions that can drive meaningful change in the industry.

4. Testing

Our expert developers are highly trained and have years of experience in analyzing the quality of applications to resolve any type of performance issues, at any time of the SDLC. They not only work on testing the applications but also ensure optimum product quality by working on unit test cases, as and when required.

5. Maintenance

Starting from ideation to delivery, our consultants support you across the full lifecycle of enterprise application design, and make sure the system continues to perform responsively throughout your journey with us.

Trusted by amazing teams

Activate Care
Activate Care

This in-depth report constitutes how our team leveraged the power of JMeter and Testery implementation to streamline the application tests on Activate Care’s system and simplify the process of building new features within their products. We also introduced several innovative ways to make patient records easily accessible to users.

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