Ruby on Rails Performance Optimization

Application performance and load time are some of the most important aspects of your product's success. At Saeloun, our expert developers test your application performance at high loads, monitor, validate, and measure its functional abilities to ensure you can have the most flawless app at your end.

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Resilience Testing

In-depth regression tests to revive performance and recover from disasters

Custom Testing Strategy

Technology-agnostic performance testing strategies applicable for any website or app

Best-in-class speed and stability

Performance enhancement and flexible delivery with shift-left approach

Optimal Monitoring & Performance Reports

Intelligent monitoring, extensive reporting and reliable performance insights with automated frameworks

Catering to performance excellence

We are developers & consultants who ensure end-to-end performance . Our team adds performance testing into your CI/CD pipeline to identify potential bottlenecks in the SDLC.

Expertise in diverse tools and technologies

Our dedicated developers have vast expertise experienced in performance tests using commercial tools like Gatling, Siege, and K6, as well as open-source tools, like JMeter.

Experienced in complex testing scenarios

With our end-to-end performance testing strategies, we have built multiple future-proof systems that are responsive, automated, and scalable, to increase your customer’s satisfaction.

Trusted by amazing teams

Activate Care
Activate Care

This in-depth report constitutes how our team leveraged the power of JMeter and Testery implementation to streamline the application tests on Activate Care’s system and simplify the process of building new features within their products. We also introduced several innovative ways to make patient records easily accessible to users.

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