“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”


We love the Community
We love open-source & giving back to the community. Our team members happen to be top contributors to Ruby on Rails and many other projects. We attend, host or speak at many conferences. We are prolific in blogging about our learnings and these blogs are featured on RubyWeekly and other publications.
Culture of Growth
We learn each day, adopting the latest trends in Rails that would create an impact on our customer's web applications. Our mission is to unite technology with human expertise to build rapid, scalable, and modern applications for our clients that can add millions to their bottom line.
Flextime. Flexplace.
We are a remote-first company where our employees can work from anywhere. They can work at a time when they are most productive. Our processes, communications, and culture are designed for remote working.
Our commitment towards you
Profits and Shares
From 2020, 25% of our annual profits is shared with all eligible team members
Employment Type
You will be employed as a Consultant to Saeloun Inc. Note that even though you might be a Consultant- it will be a full-time position.
We compensate our team members with salaries on the higher end of the salary spectrum of a Lead Software Developer in Bangalore, India. We also factor in the location & expectation relative to the market.
We sponsor travel arrangements and tickets to RubyConfIndia, DeccanRubyConf or any other conferences(Local or International) that our team members are interested in attending.
Saeloun offers a Health Insurance policy for its employees that covers most medical emergencies. The policy includes a blood test that the team members can avail for preventive measures. We also offer reimbursements for therapeutic consultation.

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