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Saeloun is a Ruby on Rails Consulting & Development Company based in New York, Boston and Pune, India.

Our story

At the start of 2019, our team started planning for a new venture. This was the beginning of something new and fresh and hence the name 'Saeloun' was chosen.

Saeloun (새로운) is a Korean word that means 'new'.

Our logo is a monogram derived from the Hangul syllable 'sae' (새) which is the first syllable of the word 'Saeloun'.

If you're wondering, here's the correct pronunciation of the word 'Saeloun' :

새로운 | Saeloun

Fun fact: Our team members are big fans of Korean series!



We bring about a spirit of curiosity and ensure transparency in everything we do. We embrace the diversity of thoughts, maintain an open-gate policy, and learn from mistakes.


We put our best feet forward in understanding customer needs and exceeding their expectations in everything we develop. We are always motivated to help our colleagues and participate actively in our community.

Being around good people

We are open and accepting when giving and receiving feedback. We are great listeners and embrace the diversity of opinions and strategies. We are actively advocating an arena where versatile ideas and people can thrive together.

Growth Oriented

We have an entrepreneurial mindset and take the initiative to create value for all our employees. We prioritize their needs, provide them with myriad opportunities to learn and redefine their career trajectory.

Flexible work culture

We are a remote-first company. Our team of developers and designers works remotely and builds awesome things. We believe in focusing more on the process and outcome, rather than counting their minutes spent in the office. Our employees are go-getters who know how to work in their own convenient timelines, yet do their job flawlessly.

Being Reciprocal

We are a fast-moving consulting company and prioritize our customer needs in every aspect of work. We are highly-motivated individuals who believe in diversity, inclusion, and belongingness. We are core to our mission and actively foster an environment of vast opportunities.

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