Job Description

Ruby on Rails Developer



  • Work on large-scale projects globally and collaborate with clients directly to improve their products, using Ruby on Rails.
  • Understand code versioning tools like Github, SVN.
  • Deploying and optimizing multistage, multitier applications in staging and production environments.
  • Work with web technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript and web frameworks.
  • Writing blogs or contributing to open-source or similar. Our team members spend 4 hours of their 40 hour work week on non-billable work.


  • We’re looking for developers to work on large-scale projects & collaborate with clients to improve their products, using Ruby on Rails.

What Would Help You Succeed?

  • Love solving problems.
  • Knowledge of Computer Science fundamentals is necessary for this position.
  • Familiarity with ReactJS or other JavaScript frameworks is an added advantage
  • Experience in Ruby-based framework - Rails.
  • Strong understanding of the key concepts involved in implementing a web application.

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